I 've put 2 of 4 coats onto another wheel tonight. As I've been working, I've discovered that rattle cans aren't the most convenient shape if you're painting something that's lying flat in the yard. Especially with the deep dish rear wheels, I've run the base of the can into the freshly painted finish, which leaves a big ass dent.

What to do? If I just paint over it, it'll be a thicker coat of paint on a defect. Instead, I let the coat dry for several minutes and then use a little solvent on the tip on my finger to re-melt the defect and smooth it out. Then, I can hit the spot with a couple shots of paint and voila! No more defect!

I'm using MEK substitute, because it's got the right blend of solvent aggressiveness and quick evaporation. Fixing a defect takes 30 seconds. I wish I had a lighted, well ventilated shop so I could finish all 4 wheels in an evening.