More Potential Energy!

I did a DSG flush on my wife’s GTI yesterday. My funnel was small and my hose was long, (that’s what she said?) so I grabbed a nearby ladder to mount the funnel.

Overall the change wasn’t bad, but I had a major fuck up. Above the drain plug is a fill tube that sits inside the transmission. The fill tube is what sets the fluid level, so basically the fluid sits around it and any excess comes down through the tube. That comes out after the drain plug to let all the oil out. I foolishly forgot to put the fill tube back in prior to putting in all the oil, so I had to open it back up and try to get the tube in as quickly as possible while 5 liters of oil tried to escape. It was a huge mess, then I had to refill the quart that came out. It took about four hours total. Next time I can probably do it in less than one with the lessons I learned.

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