More problems with AutoZone crap

Also saw a Giulia today at a gas station. Didn’t have the 4 leaf clover on the fender, but it had a “Q4" badge on the trunk, so I’m guess it was a quadrfoligio (or how ever it’s spelled.) Still had the paper plates on too.

So today the car wouldn’t start. Had all the symptoms of a dead battery, checked the voltage and it was fine. Which I though was weird, since I didn’t leave anything electrical on and I tested for a parasitic draw and didn’t find one. I did notice some bubbling around one of the water caps, which I noted but didn’t take a pic of for y’all.


Anyway, I took the battery to AutoZone were I bought it. They load tested it and it passed. I pointed out the bubbling and they let me exchange it for another one (at least it had a five year warranty)

Put the new one in and it started up and ran as fine as it ever has. Not a good look though seeing as how I bought that battery from AutoZone in November or December -_-

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