(hood is not shut)

I finally got around to trying out my Meguiars M105 and M205 since it was so nice out today. I think the results came out great. Now I can actually see a reflection in my bumper and fender. Plus the surface is just as smooth as the hood. Paint job was not perfect but now it looks pretty acceptable as far as I’m concerned

My camera is pretty poor but I can assure you it is a lot better than before. I also managed to hit the headlights with some Plast-X which also worked a lot better than it looks here.


I also finalized my license plate mounting so now it is fully secure and located all the way to the side. I like this look a lot more. Next on the list for repairs include the rear quarter panel and eventually painting the door. Hopefully I will be able to cut and weld in the new panel tomorrow, assuming the welder is working this time!