We finally got round to putting the interior together today. Cutting up felt sound insulation mats for the floor took a while and I’m glad that’s out of the way. We fitted new hubcaps, new wiper arms, the heating duct, freshly washed carpets, some remaining interior plastics, new rubber floor mats and all the seats with new headrests. All that interior needs to be complete is door cards and the plastics that go on either side of the rear bench. Other than that we’ll probably fit new rear springs pretty soonish (apart from the front leaf spring they were the only suspension parts that we didn’t replace). The engine has also developed a horrible rattle at higher revs and the timing chain is the main suspect so we’ll have to replace it again at some point in the near future. The timing chain cover gasket has also sprang a small leak (it drips a few drops of oil right after the engine gets turned off) so I guess we’ll kill two birds with one job.

If all goes well we should have the car pretty much ready after just one more day of work.