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More Progress (Short Mali Update)

Even more amazing then actually moving the Mali is I did work on it for the 1st time in almost 2 years. Last night I removed the old shattered windshield and cleaned up the interior. Also test fit the Camaro seats which fit perfectly so its nice to have a win.

First I started by removing all the window trim, the most annoying part was the PO had siliconed it in place when the window had previously leaked. I need to look up how to correctly remove the trim as my method kept adding more cracks to the windshield since I still have to do the rear.

So it a little dented

There was so much black glue I went through 1/2 a box of gloves I swear, it was so sticky and awful. It didn’t help that there were shards of glass everywhere which made the job even more sucky.

Windshield removed.

I pulled out the original rubber gasket that was shoved in there. I have a few spots to clean up and rust repair on the window channel which is not to bad. I will paint the dashboard while I have the windshield out. I need to research how the windshield goes back in since I will be putting them back.


And a pick of my dirty engine for the fun of it. Thankfully it does run still, I juts need to change the oil re-torque the bolts and get a better radiator (as well as clean up the serpentine belt system I will be using). Next up is strip the front end down and pull the body off the frame to finish all the underside welding and chassis work. Hopefully this weekend if I can get the crane and people to help.

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