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Dodge Durango set to get mild hybrid system in 2020

Site for all things Mopar, Mopar Insiders, reports that for this coming model year, the Durango is rumored to get the mild hybrid system that debuted on the Ram. This is coming from the fact that the plant that builds the Durango and Grand Cherokee is getting a $3 billion investment over the next 4 years. Speaking of Jeep...


Car&Driver shares all the details of the upcoming Grand Wagoneer

Simon Fox/Fox Syndication Car & Driver
Image: Car&

 C&D has details, thought they wouldn’t say from where of everything they know about the upcoming luxury SUV from Jeep. The Cliffs:

  • It’ll be based on the Ram 1500 with independent rear suspension
  • Its going to compete with the fullsize SUV’s from GM and Ford so there will be standard and long wheelbase versions. So Wagoneer will compete with Tahoe/Yukon, Expedition/Navigator while Grand Wagoneer will compete with Suburban/Yukon XL, Expedition Max/Navigator L.
  • A Hybrid version will be offered along with what they assume will be the tried and true 3.6 Pentestar along with the Hemi V8
  • Production will start in ‘21 so its still a long way away.

Detroit Free Press thinks Lincolns sedans are doomed, but also thinks they have a future


Lincoln is down to just 2 sedans, with the MKZ slated to get the axe next year and the Continental only set to be around for the remainder of its model life, whenever that is. They highlight the fact pointed out by Automotive Consulting firms that while Ford may have right in its move to axe sedans from its lineup and focus on SUV’s and crossovers, Lincoln shouldn’t be so quick to follow suit. Sedan sales are faltering on mainstream mass market brands, while many luxury buyers still cross shop both sedans and SUV’s. They state Lincoln needs a dedicated platform for volume. A sedan. We’ve all known this for years, but will Ford pay attention and listen?


SEC is investigating BMW padding sales numbers


Via Car&Driver though the Wall Street Journal (because of their paywall), they report that the Feds are looking into whether BMW manipulated sales figures. In a move called sales punching. According to Car&Driver its when “an automaker has its dealers claim to have sold vehicles that actually are still in inventory in order to make its sales figures look better.” They continue: “The practice of “sales punching,” the paper said, if proved against BMW, would mean the automaker had its dealers record vehicle sales for cars and SUVs that were not actually sold but still sitting on dealership lots. A BMW spokesperson told the paper that the company plans to cooperate “fully” with the SEC’s probe.” This all would be not at all surprising if true.

Ford Mustang Mach-E customers have a lot of steps to go through before they get their vehicle


People wanting to buy a Mustang Mach-E will have a lot of steps to go through before they get their vehicle late 2020. Moto1 via MacheEFourm unveiled the timeline customers have to go through with most of it being on the dealer end. And I have a feeling dealers wont keep in communication with buyers. The timeline runs from winter ‘19 to winter of ‘20-’21. This is taken almost word from word from the image posted to the forum by a member from Ford:

  • Winter 2019/2020: Customers place reservations. Dealers call/email to congratulate first Mach-E customers.
  • Spring 2020: Dealers contact customers to confirm specs and pricing. Customers confirm with dealers then placing official order. At this point the customers $500 reservation deposit is refunded.
  • Summer 2020: Vehicle scheduling begins. Dealers stay in touch with customer regarding order status. Dealers & Ford are in communication regarding charging options.
  • Fall 2020: Production begins. Early customer test drives begin as well. Dealers confirm payment and financing with customer and complete checkout (Ford’s words).
  • Winter 2020-2021: Deliveries begin.

The key to all this is dealer communication, which, given their ignorance about the vehicle itself, I doubt dealers are going to keep with this back and forth. Also missing from all this is the inevitable markup that will come with these vehicles as well. This process though will help to make or break the Mach-E.

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