Tesla has 5 minute buying program: Electrek reports that Tesla plans to introduce a 5 minute buying program called “Instant Drive Away”. A source from Tesla told the site that they really are aiming for 5 minutes, from car selection, to financing to driving away. If true this could be a game changer in car buying and could have other automakers follow suit.

The Aston DB11 Volante was on the list of the worst luxury cars Bloomberg drove in 2018: Their car critic was pretty critical of it, with the main complaints steaming from pretty much saying having the top up doesn’t do it justice, and the interior has too many tacky finishing options. Others that made the list:

Lexus LC500: They actually said it doesn’t feel up to par quality and performance wise with its price point.

Audi S4: Its boring. Its 354 horse engine being described as “ho hum”.

Infiniti QX50: Its boring, rolls in corners and an interior described as being from 2008.


Acura RDX: Not surprised. But they pretty much said skip it and get its competitors.

The Chrysler LX cars aren’t dying anytime soon: Road & Track outlined why the 300/Charger/Challenger are bucking the dying sedan trend by still selling well. In fact they are selling better than ever, with the Charger selling better in 2018 than in ‘09 or ‘11 and the 300 besting its sales numbers in 2018 better then ‘09,’10 and ‘11. Like I’ve said before, you have to spend way more to get rwd and V8 now. And that’s even if you can find a model that still offers that.


The Genesis SUV and a new Sonata are coming: Car Scoops reports that the Genesis suv based on the pictured GV80 concept from the 2017 New York show (which I thought the Palisade was going to be for Genesis). They expect it to be offered with the 3.3 twin turbo V6 found in the Stinger, G70 and G80 Sport, and optional 5.0 V8. They also report that the new Sonata is coming with a prototype recently spotted testing around the Ring with styling inspired by the Le Fil Rouge concept from Geneva.


Should shake up the midsize game again if the styling is close.

Mercedes is already testing the next gen S Class: Auto Express spotted the next gen S Class testing. They expected it to of course come packed with tech and an array of engines as usual, as well as next level autonomous tech.