After removing the dash, I went ahead and opened the A/C system up to see the leaky evaporator.

Decades of dust, dog hair and god knows what. Blend door is disgusting. Dodge made it out of foam covered plastic. Fan motor doesn’t spin too good, not sure if thats the way its supposed to be or bearings worn out.

Didnt have to drain the coolant. Had enough heater hose to pull the unit inside and prop up unit with scrap wood.

Found make up bottle under carpet. I swear its not mine ;)


Blower motor resistor isnt looking too good. Best to change it out while it’s easy to get to.

Ewww, what is that?


Used to be styrofoam, eaten away by the leaking refrigerant. I’ll be adding cork tape on the new evap core.

Thats how I knew it was the evap core. No other reason why neon green water (under a UV light) was coming out of the A/C drain


I keep all the nuts and bolts organized :)


I didn’t plan on getting this far til sunday. Im ahead of schedule on my project, which is now delayed til I get a blower resistor.

Tomorrow I will clean the years of dust out.