due to the idiocy and greed (and frankly, abrasiveness and dislike of the idea of having her as an adjacent-property neighbor) of owner #4 in the house (inherited from an estate) we put an offer in on, we have withdrawn our (unaccepted by #4: because she’s currently making money from the property with hay and lumber) offer on one house and are drafting a (fairly) low-ball as-is cash offer for a foreclosed property in a neighboring town... Our offer would be a VERY good deal if accepted, but the property taxes are highish, but the house is also genuinely lovely, and the land is something we can work with... Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhjghhhh!!!!!

/runs around like a chicken with its head cut off

it’s a really nice house, I kinda want it bad.

is still looks like this, despite the date on the picture.
the deck is less excellent than the rest of the house, added after the fact, but it’s solid.
the wallpaper is questionable, but the floors and exposed beams are exceptional.

also: detached two car garage and workshop.