Blegh. Concentration is NOT happening today. Post GM trucks doing cool stuff.

Talked to the mechanic I’m taking my truck to. He can’t take it until tomorrow. Also, he said that there’s a good possibility the servo bore has been scored, in which case I’d probably need a new transmission. $2500 servo upgrade FTL.


For no other reason than to stop looking at the negatives, I put together a short list of upsides.

- I didn’t crack the case, as has happened to some people who messed this up.

- I didn’t lose any components, as could have easily happened if I’d decided to leave the heat shield off and go for a test drive.

- If the bore isn’t too bad, it shouldn’t cost much more than if I’d just got them to install it in the first place.



- I won’t have to buy gas for another week? That’s kind of it, I think.

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