High, my name is BaconSandwich, and I have an unnatural liking for the Scamander:

(Picture blatently taken from YouTube).

I’ve been trying to track down more details about it, and through a bit of digging, I’ve come in contact with one of the people who painted it. He was able to send me some pictures of it being torn down for painting. It totally made my day. I’ve been wanting to figure out more of how it was constructed, and thanks to these pictures (and a few others he sent), I have a few of my questions answered.


Perhaps some day I’ll be able to track down where it’s at now. I suspect it’s sitting under a cover in some warehouse, gathering dust. It was originally Peter Wheeler’s idea, but he never lived to see it completed.

Part of me wants to eventually make my own scaled-down version of it. But instead of gas powered, make it a range-extended electric vehicle. Electric motor at each corner, and one more for the impeller. Push the wheels right out to each corner, and make the rear “box” a bit more accessible with a proper tailgate. Have it seat 4 instead of 3, and gull-wing doors instead of the sliding roof. I know it’s an odd thing, but maybe some day...