More Selling Stories With Mercedes. The CF Moto Still Haunts Me!

Remember the CF Moto I sold back in May? Well apparently I’m not done with it yet!!

An hour or so ago I suggested that the new owner of a Honda Helix clone vent his crankcase outside. Not before I could even close my Facebook window, the Helix scrapper guy that bought my CF Moto chimed in asking me what I meant.


I explained in the post that once I got the scooter running again the crank had a thing for spewing milky oil into the airbox. My research said condensation can cause that and an easy remedy is venting the crank outside. Then run the engine to running temperature for a while. So I vented the crank outside and kept riding.

Eventually the smoking just went away and the crank stopped venting, so I figured the scoot finally blew out all the condensation and I finally had the carb tuned properly. I mean, my top speed was 80mph without any hiccups, smoke, or anything. It was just as it was when I first revived it. Got a good 50-100 miles out of it on that day, no problems.

I also proved it by starting the engine for the Helix scrapper when he got there. It was a little tappety (valves too tight) but it ran fine.

Apparently when the scrapper started the engine at home, it smoked. He then discovered the oil in the airbox. So now he’s saying I scammed him and the head’s blown.


Alright, I should have done better to clean up the airbox. I could have also told him the crank spit milky oil once. But based on my research, I figured that was common enough on Chinese scoots that it wasn’t even worthy of a mention, especially if it ran fine. And based on the information I had and the scooter’s own performance, everything was good. I can’t tell him why it smoked when he got it home. Rode and ran great for me and I even showed him the engine didn’t smoke.

I mean, he’s selling the wheels for the $200 price he paid alone (looks like his side hustle is selling Honda Helix parts)...wheels that aren’t even Honda originals. So he’ll profit on this thing, easily. I wonder if he tells people which parts are Chinese clones and which are Honda original? Sounds like shop-teacher had a run-in with this guy when he was selling his Helix.


And on accusing me of scamming him just to get a buck, I’m sorry. That wasn’t my intention. I was selling a running and riding scooter without a title for $400. That’s it. If I wanted to scam him, I would have told him $400 firm, but I took a bath on this stupid thing.

I told him the scooter the scooter died twice under my ownership, what I did to revive it, and that it’s still not 100%. But to the best of my knowledge, it was in good condition. I then started the engine to demonstrate that it was healthy. His response was “oh I don’t care, this thing isn’t going to ride ever again”. But now I’m a scammer.

Advertisement another change, too many people that hate me know my address. Every bike I sell from here on out will be at public places.

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