On the left is the strut bearing for a Nissan Sentra. On the right is what mine looked like. I had taken the struts with their ebay coilover sleeves off of the car and the bearing disintegrated. This meant I couldn’t put it back together, or put on my new springs since they wouldn’t mount properly without the bearing. So for the past couple days the Sentra has been sitting in my dad’s garage on jackstands waiting for parts to come from Rockauto since no place local has them for a reasonable price. Only Autozone even carries parts for this car, and they wanted $48 apiece for strut mounts (the only way to get the bearings) whereas they were $5.50 apiece from Rockauto. Even with overnight shipping I got both for $46.

Eventually I got new bearings and started to put on the new hotness.

Strut with new spring, mount, bearing, etc.


Old nastiness.

In the car.



The problem here is the stock springs in the sentra have different unloaded lengths. The longer spring goes in the front, presumably due to more load. These springs were both shorter than the stock ones, but there was still a pair that was longer, so I put those on the front since there was no markings for front or rear, and I think I got it backwards because of how insanely compressed that spring seems.

Also, and somewhat annoyingly, the strut I left lying on the ground when I did the rear leaked out all of its fluid and now makes all kinds of awful noises. Guess it’s time to buy all new struts. That’ll be pricey.


Here’s how it sits now. Not a bad ride height. Rides SO much better. Despite additional body roll it definitely corners better now that it’s not bouncing everywhere. Need to get some end links for the rear then this’ll be a party.