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More Shelving

Today I put together the paint shelf I sketched up over the weekend. It turned out pretty well.

It’s been a long time since I actually took the time to pre-drill and countersink wood.

I spent quite a while contemplating how to hold it to the wall without it being a pain, and how to retain cans on it. Eventually I realized that making it an inch or two narrower didn’t cost any real storage (can’t have decimal cans) so I shrunk it down to 11 cans wide on the nose and put a flange on the sides. The sides also hold the can retaining... rod... thing.

Part of the reason it was a bit of a pain to design was that I wanted to fit it in this specific spot, which is fairly tight between the breaker box and another shelf.

It turned out pretty well; in my tradition it’s a bit overbuilt for the load it will carry (I was even going to put cleats in the middle of each shelf to anchor to the stud behind them, but decided not to since it’s holding cans of paint, not bricks of lead) and is held together with drywall screws.

The cans on the top shelf are pretty old and should probably just be thrown away at this point, but hey there’s room for them (for now)!

It works. I find it strange to actually be able to see all my paint at once. I have a lot of primer for some reason, and some duplicates I didn’t know about...


Next up will be some much needed hardware organization using the shelf space I’ve freed up by moving all the cans over here instead of stacked three-deep elsewhere.

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