I’ve gotten into more near-misses and acts of road rage from other drivers. I’ve been:

- Nearly hit by a box truck that ran a red light.

- Almost hit no less than 10 pedestrians who decided to jaywalk right before I crossed an intersection.

- Nobody knows how “Right of Way” works.

- After you nearly crash into some jabroni who cut you off, decided to turn the same time you did, or just doesn’t know how to merge without putting you into a snowbank; they honk at you like you’re the idiot. lol This has happened like 50 times already...like, at least Chicagoans have the courtesy to put a bullet in your car first. lol


- Everyone drives 20mph slower than any posted limit.

-Despite the obvious snowy terrain, few have good tyres.

That said, SLC doesn’t salt and there are cool cars like this:


Also, two generations of Trax?


And dat view:


Bonus: My grandad has baby and adult pictures of everyone sorted into a custom made family tree. Here’s me!