I don’t sport, yet I traded for a signed sports jersey. I traded that jersey for FOUR signed sports helmets. What this really means, I will have to deal with sports people to make more trades happen. Unless you’re sports people that want to trade, I’m happy to deal with oppo sports people.

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Signatures, team, and rough value from googling:
-Joe Theismann, Notre Dame with certificate of authenticity: $100
-Brian Bosworth, OU with certificate of authenticity: $100
-Chris Johson, ECU: $275
-Franco Harris, Steelers: $200


The bottom two don’t have COAs. I’ve adjusted the values down about $75 from what I found them going for. I think I can get them certified for less than $50 combined so I may look in to that. For more detailed pics, here’s the CL ad:

Combined value is around $675, but I suspect these won’t get swapped as a lot. More than likely, I will trade individuals or maybe a couple for other items. That said, if you’re a fan of any of these please let me know and we’ll see about a swap! The ball started rolling thanks to Oppo!

What all have I traded for? Take the jump bellow to follow the steps back to the paperclip that started it all:


Full disclosure: I have nothing against Football. I just don’t really get in to any sport. My dad was a bookie when I was growing up and I think that just turned me off on the collective of sports. 

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