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More straight-6 muscle the US rarely saw.

Australia got to have a inline-6 Hemi the US never got to enjoy. I posted on that a long time ago. Chevrolet let the Brazilian market have their wonderful straight-6, although we got to see the same engine, just not as enthusiastically. Brazil got the Opalla, a nice little middle-weight muscle car. Sort of like the Roy Jones Junior of boxing-punching above it’s weight. Ironically, Bob Sharp in 1974 was one of the big pushers for this car and engine combo.


The 24 hours of Interlagos had a big competitor in the Ford Maverick and their 250 cubic inch inline. So Chevrolet bumped up their inline six in the Opala to 250 as well and let er rip. The model to have, was the Opala SS. 4.1 liters (250) with 170hp and gobs of torque. Of course the tuning world is all over this since the Opala is rear drive, light weight, and readily available having produced for 23 years with the inline six available the whole time. How enthusiastic?

Listen to an N/A dyno

We’re talking about way beyond a sane 1,000 horsepower on the drag cars out there. 1300-1400 regularly attained. Take a listen to a 1,300hp drag car on boost, shifting without lift.

These are impressive little cars. But do you know what would make for an interesting ride here in the US? The 250 inline six was available in the Camaro until 1979. I wonder how fun a Brazilian tuned turbo Camaro would be.

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