More stuff has been fixed. The 996 developed a failing climate control screen. So I picked up a replacement screen kit from for it. Nice kit, has the new screen that is identical to OEM, and new connectors along with great instructions.

Before, along with scratched up grey plastic horseshoe. No, I have no idea why they spell manual like that.

Install wasn’t bad. I was always curious about these screen replacements since it’s something that seems to happen to every older German car. Followed the instructions and it all came together well. Looks like new and works great.


While I was changing it out I decided to stop being lazy and swap the black horseshoe from a Boxster that I bought last year in, as well as relocate the seat heater switches that have been disconnected since last year when I replaced the lower console with the GT3 part. Really goes a long way to making the car look newer.

You know what I love about my 996? It needs me. My Honda and Subaru will run despite my treatment. They may as well be appliances. The Porsche rewards my attention with great driving fun, and punishes an inattentive owner. It is truly mine, I’ve put my blood and sweat into making it what it is, and that makes it special to me. It’s like the car nerd version of this:

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