I went to visit my grandparents today and got into a fun conversation with my grandfather. He reminisced a bit and bounced between stories while I sat and soaked in how awesome he is...it was wonderful.

I tried to convince him that he needed to type up his stories so I could share them with the community but he was under the impression that nobody wanted to hear what he has to say. That's when I got his iPad (best Christmas present we could have ever bought him, he loves it) so I could show him this comment I made and Montegoman wanting more.

Just talking about his glory days made him want to look up his old Mercury. Montegoman, it was a 1951 white sedan bought new for $1900...roughly $20,000 now. I told him I would buy it in a heartbeat and he said he would, too. At almost 86 years old I haven't seen his eyes so alive. We couldn't find a white Mercury but this was almost his vehicle back then.

I am going to try and record our conversations from now on, maybe take some video interviews, so that I can type up his stories and make a series out of it. I believe he is a lot more interesting than he thinks he is and I can't wait to find out.


One short story...he had an Oldsmobile after his Mercury. After he got married he brought my grandmother out to teach her how to drive as she did not have a license. After some lessons he jumped out of the car and said for her to slide over and he would walk around to the drivers side and go home. As he got out, she locked the door with a smile on her face and-


My grandmother interrupted the story with that exclamation...huge smile on her face. She drove away, leaving him there trying to figure out what was going on. He has no idea where she drove and I honestly don't think my grandmother can remember but apparently she was gone for more than a few minutes.


Let me know how interested you guys are and I will try and pursue more stories for you.