More terrible ideas. How About A Hummer H2?

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I’ve been perusing the classifieds again and I was surprised by just how affordable these are now. I remember when these came out I loved everything about them. Now I see them as huge wasteful machines but a little part of me is still madly in love with these.


Right now you can get an 2003-2005 H2 with 140000-150000 miles for as little as 10K in my area. Considering these were over 80K new I feel that this is a very reasonable price.

This is something that would not get used very often maybe 3000-4000 miles a year tops. I could do some mild off roading with it as well. I live right next to a sand dune, I suppose it could be a good time. In Northern Alberta it doesn’t snow all that often but when it does it usually dumps a good amount of snow overnight. for those 5-6 days a year where we get 2 feet of snow overnight this could come in handy to get to work.


What are your thoughts on such a beast?

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