There was a thread on things that we would like to see fixed but that is down there and scrolling. ugh. 

1. Avatars on this main oppo page. It's easier to recognize people by their pictures normally. It's not like there isn't room for them over there.

2. Auto-hyperlinkamajig. In old oppo you paste a hyperlink that could be miles long and it would instantly become a shortened clickable link. Now it isn't shortned and it isn't clickable. Sure you can click the link button up there in the control panel but it was much easier before.

3. Free beers for everyone. Because people are more entertaining while drunk.

Edit: 4. How is it decided what is shown short and what is long. There could be a post with lines of text and then a picture and the picture is shown under read more. while other times there can be 4 pictures and no read more.