Went to the track Saturday and improved on my best time by about a second to a 1:38.04. If I wasn’t such a pansy on the front and back straight I could drop it some more. Besides the BMR end links the suspension is still stock. Still running on my heavy ass Forgestars with Sport Cup 2's. I’m hoping my new wheel/slick setup is here by the time I go out again. Finally experienced brake fade in the car. But since its a Camaro and Camaro owners are going to Camaro own there hasn’t been a demand for better brake lines. I eventually sent an extra set of factory lines I had to a company that actually got the ball rolling there. So hopefully I’ll have some new ones on soon.

But other than that, the coolant and trans temps hardly move. And the factory brakes to hold up for several laps before you experience any fade. These 2016 Camaro’s are stout.

Someone said I have the fastest time recorded by a Camaro at the track. Which, I mean, who tracks a Camaro anyways.

Bonus picture of my car and my buddy’s Nismo 350Z.