More Truck Revelations

Last night I poked around the engine bay a bit to try to narrow down why I’m getting the code 43, and, well, I sure found a problem:

Apologies for midnight potato pic

This is the wiring connector for the Electronic Spark Control module. See that slot at the top? That’s where the wire to the knock sensor should go, but there’s nothing there. So, I’ll need to fix that. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to thread a new wire into the harness somehow, or if it’s a horrible idea to route a wire down to the knock sensor without any sort of protection.


I think this dangling connector on the passenger side of the engine that’s hanging down near the knock sensor is supposed to go in the knock sensor, but I’m not sure:

It, uh, took me a while to actually find the knock sensor, and then I spent a good 10 minutes trying to get a resistance reading between it and ground, but as I was lying on the ground without jacking it up, I couldn’t reach both the sensor and a place on the engine block where I could get a good connection. Which is all to say that I didn’t try plugging this in to the knock sensor. Nothing else is plugged into the sensor, so I’ll give it a shot tonight.

The other concerning discovery was this other loose connector on the top of the engine:


I have no idea what it should go into. Either it’s another part of the ESC / knock sensor circuit, or it’s not that important, since I’m not getting any other codes. The wires to it are red w/ black stripe and black. I didn’t see anything matching that in the engine control wiring diagram of my Haynes manual, but who knows how accurate that really is (yeah, the factory manual is looking pretty nice right now). Anyone have any ideas?

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