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I’ve told stories before about how I drove a tow truck for a few years. In fact, I had done two podcasts about those times and people have reacted well to them. It is the most common request I get: Do I have more?


I racked by brain and came up with more true tow truck stories from my time at Tillard’s Mobil in Birmingham, Michigan. Circa 1980 - 1982ish.

The gas station is still there but it has new owners. And they don’t have a tow truck anymore. But back then, the station had the contract to tow for the local police department and I was often the person they called late at night to come snag a car that had run afoul of something or some law.


So, kick back and enjoy the sounds of an earlier, more innocent time. When I had to drive a tow truck with a manual transmission and an iffy parking brake. The audio:


And the video:

Pic at the top is an abandoned barge in Torch Lake, in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. The last mining company to close up shop just beached it and walked away from it. It’ll just take care of itself, right?


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