More Tundra maintenance and well deserved adult beverage

1. Replaced front differential fluid. Fill plug and drain plug are both 10mm Allen heads. I fucking hate them, but I bought a set of Allen wrenches and a set of Allen sockets. I was successful in removing both plugs - thank god because drilling these babies out would not be an option.

2. Tried replacing driver side oxygen sensor - gave up, so much harder than passenger side. I’ll just enjoy the check engine light.  It’s  orange and festive.


3. Used a wire wheel all over the frame, got rid of as much rust as I could, and then used Fluid Film, two cans and sprayed the shit out of the frame.

4. Washed the driveway with power washer to get rid of oil stains.

So far, I’ve:

Replaced front shocks(bilstein 5100s)

Replaced rear shocks(bilstein 5100s)

Replaced sway bar end links(mog)

Replaced spark plugs(ac delco)

Replaced passenger side exhaust manifold and oxygen sensor(oem)

Replaced pcv valve(oem)

Cleaned MAF sensor

Got new Huskey floor liners front and back

Got new wheels and tires from a 4Runner Trail edition

Replaced all fluids for differentials, transfer case, transmission, and engine

Added power steering and brake fluids

Replaced air filter

Got a new topper

Got some thick rubber and made a truck bed liner for the dogs

Replaced t5 and 168 bulbs behind the A/C controls

I also bought a shit ton of tools - 24mm socket and 24mm impact wrench socket, Allen wrenches, Allen sockets, breaker bar, wire wheels, oxygen sensor sockets, odb2 reader... I probably forgot something. It’s been a bumpy ride - everything I touch seems to be seized, but I’m making it work. My dad pretty much gave me the truck back - I’m toying with the idea of getting a new Tacoma or a Tundra, but then again... free truck, 132k miles, all maintenance done... I’ll probably just keep her.


Relaxing with a cheese pizza and some Wyoming whiskey and “Night school” on TV.

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