More (un?) necessary car shopping with the Supreme Chancellor

So I still haven’t dragged my butt over to sit in or even drive a new Accord, as I’m scared I’ll drive home in one. Meanwhile I’ve been on cargurus and saw this...

And this...


And realized these things are like 40k+ new with the AWD’s being over 43k....and the ones posted both have under 8k miles and are in the mid/low 30’s; side note I don’t need the AWD as I live in NJ, not Alaska. Maybe I’ll get another Acura this time around as I absolutely LOVE the way these look with the A-Spec pack. Yes, I know it’s purely asthetic, but mmmmmm my shorts are getting a little tight just looking at them. If I found one in white nearby with a red interior, assuming that’s even an option, I’d have to be held back from buying it.

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