Yesterday I got a free transmission flush on account of the dealership not knowing what their transmission service entails.

Today as I was out and about I stopped into a shop that said they would weld the leak in my exhaust. Its a 409 SS exhaust and so I was looking for someone who could do the job with 308/309 wire but when I got there I realized:

a. he can do stainless with mild wire and he had no intention of using stainless wire.


b. I really don’t care that much for this particular instance.

Got a free booger weld done in about a minute. I don’t love that he wouldn’t use stainless wire, and I don’t love the quality of the work...or that he didn’t even wire brush it first...but free is free. I suspect it wont be an issue at all.


Sidenote - Bodywork is expensive. I have a tiny bit of rust in the rear drivers side wheel well. I took it someplace for an estimate and because its appearantly coming from between the factory sheetmetal and the panel that was replaced in an accident 2 owners ago its a $1350 estimate.  cutting and replacing metal.


Think I might fog in the inner panels, then touch up the exterior and see how that holds instead.