Making progress every week! My friend and I dialed in the ignition timing and changed the trans fluid this weekend. We took it around the block, and learned quite a few things about the car’s condition.

Let’s talk about the exhaust note first. It’s strange to me. The sound is not only better than any 944, with a more mechanical and airy sound reminiscent of older aircooled VWs and Porsches (despite being an inline water cooled engine), the turbo spool over 3000rpm is just something truly special! 

The G31 gearbox (nicknamed “snailshell”) is reportedly the strongest of all the transaxle gearboxes, used with different modifications in 924 Turbo (1979-1980 only)/Carrera GT/GTS/GTR/GTP. With a dogleg shift pattern, it has true racing pedigree, and was used in the aforementioned racecars. Unlike the later Turbo (1981-up) models that switched to the transmission that would become standard in the 944 with cone-type synchros that can handle quick shifts and speed shifting, the G31 uses Porsche’s balk ring synchros; which required and still requires slow shifting and any speed shifting results in premature wear and eventual gear grinding. Now I don’t understand the difference between cone and balk ring style synchros but the point is that those are the Achillies Heel in any Porsche gearbox with the latter.


With the trans fluid change, mine doesn’t grind as bad as previous attempts to move it but double clutching is mandatory for upshifts and downshifts, lest I truly wanna rebuild the thing right now.


Also discovered the front suspension is in desperate need of refreshing(struts, mounts, and bushings), so that’s the next project on schedule. In the meantime while waiting for parts, I’ll continue to work on the interior.