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More USPS Shenanigans

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Pkg supposed to be delivered yesterday. 7:09pm last night their website says ready for pickup. Went down to PO in thunderstorm this morning and no pkg - must be on carrier’s vehicle they tell me. Come home today and see carrier delivering mail. Take a nap, go downstairs and I have mail, but no sign of my package. Email USPS but expect that by the time they respond the pkg will have been delivered, if it hasn’t been stolen, that is.


This is getting stupid. It was only going a few hundred miles and was picked up a week ago. Are they assuming that they’re all out of work in a month and just going into IDGAF mode? During lockdown and retail stores closing down we need to order via the Internet more than ever, but that doesn’t mean jack if there isn’t anyone to get the pkg to your door...

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