More weekend work (Update)

So the car developed a decent oil leak last week. I figured it was just a front crank seal, so I picked up the parts and set into it on Saturday.

Got everything tore apart, put the new seals in, and put it all back together. Fired it up only to find it’s still leaking.........


Seems the pressure relief is shot on the pump, causing it to leak past the seal. So parts are ordered and I’ll be tearing back into it this weekend......

Update: Went in to work Saturday, then went to get the car done. Started tearing as soon as I got to my friend’s shop:

All that shit needs to come off to get at the pump

Got the front side tore apart in about 45 mins, then crawled under and got the pan dropped/pump removed:


Got the new pump on and the pan bolted back up:


Started reassembling the front:


And about 4 hrs (cut 2 hrs out from last time) later, I had her back together and running:

Don’t mind the missing mount bolt, one broke, had to baby it home to get a replacement

With that done, I can now get cracking on the van’s body work a little harder.

It’s a joy to have my toy back in action.

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