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More wheel bearing problems. I have an theory.

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The RallyMetro front wheel bearings are driving me crazy. While prepping for the Gambler 500, I noticed the driver’s side bearing had a ton of slop in it. I took it to a shop and had a new one pressed in.


During the Gambler the passenger side front wheel bearing began to make its unhappiness known. After the rally, I took that spindle off and a buddy of mine pressed a new bearing into that one.

As I was putting that knuckle back on, I noticed the driver’s side had a bunch of play again. I took that spindle back off, and brought it back to the shop. My mechanic said the inner race worked its way lose, and pressed it back into place (no charge).


As this was happening, I realized the passenger side still had some slop in it. Yesterday I brought that one back to my buddy. The diagnosis is that the hole in the knuckle has gotten wallered out. The race is moving around with bearing.

I guess the tiny adorable suspension components are having a hard time dealing with the tremendous beatings I have been hurling upon them.

Clearly the only solution is to torque the every-loving-crap out of the axle nuts, and just send it until the wheels quite literally fall off. That, or, you know, another set of knuckles. Maybe over the winter. Maybe.

We’ve got a week and a couple days to get five more drivers registered for the final rallycross of the year. Come on area Oppos!

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