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More Work

Finally got around to lifting the engine off the mounts so I could install the nice solid mounts and do the front cover and the oil pan gaskets. I had to rent an engine hoist which I had been putting off doing till my engine lift plate arrived. Over a month after ordering, many emails and voicemails left with the company, I decided I could not wait any more and I used ratchet straps (with plenty of working load) and a safety chain around the exhaust manifolds to hold the engine up. Didn’t get a picture cause it was a full day’s worth of work and I was tired.


One of the hard things to figure out was how to get off the crank hub snout without buying the $250+ dealer tool. Got it off in a way that should work for reinstalling.


Now to finish up the suspension and put the new clutch and trans in and she’ll be good to go.

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