More Work = More Play?

So my old boss contacted me recently to see if I am interested in working for him on a part-time basis to help him deal with a bunch of extra work he got recently. I already have a regular 9-to-5 (well, 7:30-to-5, but the point is I already have a full-time gig), so this would be after hours, working from home. I have done it before and, while the extra cash was great, coming home from work just to go back to work was decidedly not great.

The catch is that he has offered quite a bit more than what he was paying last time. As in, forty bucks an hour for 10-15 hours of work per week. That would give me a pretty solid chunk of extra money to save (haha, just kidding, I’d blow it all on car parts and motorcycles), but it would really increase my stress levels at a time when I’m already dealing with a fairly heaping helping of shit.


My first reaction is to turn it down, but it may be worth it in the long run to build up those extra resources. I have a sizeable student loan payment, my wife and I are thinking of buying a new house in a year or two, and it would be really nice to actually be able to save some money.

Or, that kind of extra dosh would easily cover the payments on a new Focus RS (plus the pounding my insurance would give me for buying it).

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