Not much to report here, just fixed a few niggles, like adding some padding where the keys on my ring dangle and scrape the dash in an annoying fashion. Also double-sided taped down the flap on the driver's sunvisor that covers the mirror. It has a broken hinge, but I never use the mirror, so I'd rather not have it flap.

Touched up some of the major scratches and rock chips, and had a small victory, finding one of the missing screw-hole covers for the door handle trims, and the chink that's broken out of the driver's handle trim. We were out of super glue so that'll have to wait until another day.

Up next? Prove Toyota wrong and see if the car has keyless entry (found instructions online on how to enter it into programming mode, jumpering a wire on the mirror (?) switch), and ONE day after work, replace the clunking sway bar links.