Morels installed

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As everything goes, first one takes a long time(hours), second one was done in fifteen minutes. Speakers were decoupled from the door, I realize this is controversial but it was a “while I’m in there” thing. The sound is incredibly clean, factory speakers are garbage comparatively. Bass isn’t full, but they’re not broken in and on the factory amp. 6.5" speakers free air will never be a SUBstitute. I’ve finished up cad drawings for mounting these in the factory dash location.


They’re 8 ohm, but that will work well I believe, especially once I go with separate amps and dsp.


Still trying to figure out what to do for a sub. What I’m thinking is looking at the factory sub mounting location and see if this will fit.


If it doesn’t, or the sound doesn’t work out, I’ll go for a sub mounted in the spare tire well.

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