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Morgan tweeted this image a few hours ago teasing a new model for the Geneva Motor Show, which is in Geneva. It shows, well, it shows an Aero8/Max/Coupe with what appears to be the smallest fixed roof possible to fit two people under.


No other information was included on their Twitter feed, but their website contains a 36-second teaser showing some poncey leather seats and much revving of engine (V8 engine, no less):

So if you're a fan of the Aeromax (or Aero Coupé, or Aero Supersports, or the original Aero 8), but always wish it had a tiny roof to make it look even older, then 3rd March is your lucky day, old chap. Best fetch your finest smoking jacket and Victorian pipe to best be ready for the occasion. Or perhaps some official Morgan clotted cream fudge if one really fancies treating oneself.


Here's the original tweet (and image, as the top pic has been adjusted to be more revealing):

Just over a week until @GVAMotorshow,">">@GVAMotorshow</a>, here's a design rendering of what we are launching at the show. More soon...

—">"></a></p>— Morgan Motor Company (@morganmotor)……

23, 2015

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