Morning Airport Rant

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I called a Lyft to take me to the San Diego airport for my flight home to Fresno. I was chatting with the driver and I mentioned I was flying home to Fresno. “Really?” he said, “I didn’t know Fresno had an airport.” Motherfucker.


Fresno is a city of HALF A MILLION people. It is larger than Oakland, Sacramento and Long Beach. Oh yeah, we are the economic center of the most productive agricultural region in the world.

10 Largest Cities in California by Population

  • Los Angeles 4,094,764
  • San Diego 1,376,173
  • San Jose 1,023,083
  • San Francisco 856,095
  • Fresno 502,303
  • Long Beach 494,709
  • Sacramento 486,189
  • Oakland 430,666

So yes, we have a fucking airport. This attitude is why the San Joaquin Valley is ignored by Sacramento, and lags behind the rest of California.


Rant over. Sorry. I am sure Pumpkin would be disappointed if she was here.

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