With the ‘burb sitting at home for the appraiser to come by and take a look, I took the opportunity to borrow my dad’s Tesla Model 3 for the first time (parents are on a cruise to HI).

Photo: David Roberts (Picture from delivery day)

My sister has a Model S that I have driven a couple of times, but not longer that 5 minutes, so I have limited frame of reference.


Picked it up from my parent’s house last night, and first impression in the dark is that the lack of gauges in front of you is odd. Since it was dark I had no idea how to turn on the wipers when it started raining right before I turned in my driveway. Turns out there is a button on the end of the turn signal stalk that cycles between auto / high / low / intermittent. It was on auto, but not sensitive enough for my liking.

Got in this morning to drive to work (still dark), and could not figure out cruise control. After it got light I finally figured out you press down on the “gear lever” stalk on the right to set cruise. There is a little cruise logo beneath the “D” on the stalk that I obviously couldn’t see in the dark.

Half of my commute is on a three lane tollway with the cruise set, so I wanted to try autopilot, but no idea on how to do that either. Figured out once I got to work (googled it) that you pull towards you twice on the right stalk.

So while it is neat to drive the little things annoyed the crap out of me this morning.


It is also a little louder on the highway than my expectation, but I think I was mentally comparing it to the Model S, which is much bigger and more expensive.

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