Two things from this morning seemed to be a recurring pain in the ass on my commute.

1) Lack of signaling.
2) Passing lane hogging.

I’ll address this one at a time.

1) The lack of signaling typically is not an issue. It’s expected. We all have various feelings and opinions on the topic of signal usage but I pretty much default to signaling for anything just so someone somewhere isn’t 100% caught off-guard by my intent.

And I say intent because I try to signal before acting...rather than during.

There were several instances today where I’m going along on my merry way with some space between myself and the car in front of me and someone from the slower lane that I was passing kind of just goes “DERP.” Good on them for leaving a foot in front of me but FUCK YOU at the same time. This happens more in bumper to bumper traffic and I’ve accepted that leaving it in gear and chugging along with some space will do that. It’s inviting. I’ve accepted the invitation before. But at 70mph MOVE YOUR FUCKIN’ ASS FROM IN FRONT OF MY CAR.

Multiple times. Not one was a BMW, either.

2) We all have the same understanding of the passing lane.

See? Even has the Jello-picnic watermark.

So there’s always at least one person on the drive where you have to pass on the right. You give them some time, a chance, to correct their ways but typically you just move on. This morning had several most hated was an Audi A6.


Silver A6 cruising along in left lane. I’m cruising along in the middle lane, approaching a Corolla. Change lanes to one behind A6. A6 and Corolla are offset now but practically pacing each other. A6 driver pulls the wiper fluid move.

Wiper fluid.

I wasn’t tailgating. I was behind him less than 20 seconds before this.

Corolla apparently sees my predicament and slows a bit, I change lanes, move along. There wasn’t a single vehicle in any lane for a FUCKING MILE after that. Not sure how that happened but it did. FUCK THAT GUY IN PARTICULAR.


Side story: last week in Illinois/Indiana (I was on 94 I think) I go to pass a semi truck in the middle lane. Some random sedan was in the passing lane and doesn’t move. Now I’m stuck in the left lane behind dipshit and a closing in semi truck. I don’t want to change back to the middle because there’s almost no room between me and the truck so I get closer to the lane hog. Another vehicle moves up behind me and I think, shit. Some daylight appears and I make the lane change quickly and move from the pack of semis that formed. I check my mirror and see the car that moved up behind me still on the lane hog’s tail. Then the blue lights flash. HE WAS AN UNMARKED OFFICER. Lane hog doesn’t react. Officer moves to the shoulder. Lane hog doesn’t react. Siren. Hog reacts and almost puts himself into the highway barrier.