Morning Engine Oppo

Let’s consider the //AMG 4.0 Liter TT V8. The turbos are mounted in the vee of the engine, leading to better performance and response time. Many reviewers are comparing it to much larger naturally aspirated engines. But! Will this “hot-inside-vee” turbo setup be a nightmare when one of us buys a used GT R in a couple years’ time?

Ok this is a GT S but you catch my drift?

With new cars becoming more reliable every year, a bigger question appears: what happens when they DO break? Think of not the intial buyer, who shows off his or her new Benz, but of the third or fourth owner who buys the car to drive it. AMG products are known to depreciate, but are we in for even more expensive maintenance than past AMGs due to the increased complexity?

This driver caught the drift!

I’ll leave you with Motor Trend’s latest comparison test, pitting the GT R against its hyphenated Japanese cousin.

Since Mercedes and Nissan have already shared technology with the Infiniti QX30, can we expect some kind of high-performance collaboration in the future? GT-SPACE-R? Mercedes-AMG C63 S+ NISMO 4matic?

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