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Morning F1 Rambles

This morning as I sit behind my computer still wondering why Turn 1 Tickets at COTA still haven’t gone on sale for the USGP, I began thinking of how much of a disappointment Lewis Hamilton is turning out to be this year.

At the end of the 2015 season, I noticed a decline in drive for him. Like yeah, he already won the wold championship in Austin, I guess it just makes sense to let Nico have the rest. But fast-forward to the 2016 season and it seems like the drive is gone to win. Hamilton’s personality is an acquired taste, that goes without saying. Most hate him for coming off as a huge douche, and people are valid in thinking that because, well, it’s true. When I first followed him on snapchat, I though, “Oh cool, maybe we’ll get to see some stuff from pit lane!”, and sure, sometimes that’s what we get to see, but 90% of the time its either waaaay too many snaps from a fashion show in Paris, or selfies of him shirtless getting a massage. Occasionally we’ll get too many snaps of his dogs, which I’m ok with. #blessed


And I get it, Lewis’ mingling with the social media world and celebrities has kind of brought a new light on F1 for the “outside” world. But maybe that shouldn’t be his primary focus here.

My point is though, Hamilton has been my favorite driver on the grid for the past couple years. Despite his off-track antics, the guy can drive. The car helps, but there’s no doubt he’s talented. Lately though, there just seems to be no more ambition to win. I honestly kind of enjoyed his pouting when he didn’t come first (Monaco 2015):

because at least it showed us there was a desire to be the best, even if it did involve some immature pouting. It seems to me he’s more interested in showing up on race weekend, getting some place on podium, then heading out to go snap some more fashion shows, or beaches. He’s always been an attention whore, but it’s turning into an attention seeking monster. I know we’re only 2 races into the season, but this has been my take-away.


As much of a Mercedes Petronas fan I am, Vettel is slowly becoming my preferred driver....


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