I have not seen Infinity War, because I was supposed to go with the family when I had the heart attack. I caught up with two key movies I had missed, Dr. Strange and Black Panther.

I went into Dr. Strange with low expectations, because I never liked the comics when I was a kid. But I found the movie to be a lot of fun, and I thought the special effects were very good. I thought Tilda Swinton was weird casting and I did not like her in this, but overall I liked the movie.

With Black Panther, my expectations were high because I had heard it was good. I was very disappointed. I thought the CGI was bad and overused, and a lot of the movie looked like a video game. I found the fake generic “African” accents off-putting. My son said that the accents reminded him of “that old Eddie Murphy movie” (Coming to America). This was not a favorable comparison. I thought the fight scenes and action sequences and were poorly put together, and the CGI made it look like a cartoon. We want our action stars sexy now, so we animate them when they can’t fight or do stunts. I thought it was very mediocre.

My favorite Marvel movie remains Captain America: Winter Soldier, and this was nowhere close.