It’s been a while. It’s difficult to get motivated to write during the summer months. But fall is here, the air is cooler and the sun is not seen as often. So that means more time inside to bother the rest of you with questions like this.

I know there are a lot of 90’s kids on here. I know a lot of you played Need for Speed II. Who else was completely obsessed with the GT90? I myself came from a Ford family and grew up in beat up work trucks and a Bronco II. Then my home team the Blue Oval has this in a video game that competes against the best in the world. Yes it did have a lower top speed than the McLaren but it didn’t stop me from trying to win with the GT90.

As time whent on, it never got built. It disappeared into obscure concept car history. Then Ford made the super awesome GT in the 2000’s and the GT90 dissapeared further into the footnotes of automotive history. And of course, there is the damning video of Clarkson’s GT90 test drive where he calls it terrible. Well it is an underdeveloped concept so yes, it will not drive like a dream. Should I ever somehow by some insane set of circumstances obtain this car, I will complete its development, put its special GT90 patterned tires into storage and drive it everywhere. Buy groceries, trips to Home Depot, trolling McDonalds drive thrus by yelling through a glass canopy with no wind down windows, you name it. Anything to share this unicorn spaceship with the rest of the world.