My friend who does photography at one of the same dealership that had the LFA and SLS and 8C, had to deliver this 2014 Carrera S from Metro Detroit, to it’s new owner in Chicago; and then drive the car he was trading in, a 1st gen BMW X6 back home, all before my 9am class today. I am insane.

There was no one else that could be his co-driver in case he got too tired, and how could I say no to getting to briefly drive two of my favorite cars in an opportunity that would only happen under these circumstances once. But we did it in just under 9 hours!! And I made it back to campus with 17 minutes to spare before my class!

My mother thinks I’m crazy, but who else can say they took a 911 on a crazy road trip to Chi Town and drove an X6 back, all in one night? Life only happens once, so make the most of it, as crazy as it can be!! ^_^