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Morning Oppo

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Got up early I order to be at the tire shop as soon as it opened. Was going to swap out and buy two new winters and put my old winters on the rear, but I don’t have the money. Instead I bought two used all-seasons to put on the front to replace my absolutely trashed, dangerously bad front tires.My steering rack link on the passenger is worn so the passenger front tire is getting major vibration and wear. My mechanic is booked until the 5th. 😐 I’m an Oppo and try to work on my car as much as possible but I literally don’t have the time. Between work and college I’m maxed out. As soon as I get done here I’m off to college to work on catching up on homework. I’m behind on hat because my Mac crashed when I tried to update. Lost everything I had worked on because I forgot to back up before hand. “Just breathe MaximaSpeed, you got this, two more months till you have a degree. Almost done”.


Edit: Yay, it uploaded 12 hours late!! :) Better than not at all I guess.

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