Illustration for article titled Morning, Oppo! I guess I like Civics now.

While my T-bird’s not running, I’ve been driving my sister’s 2002 Civic, which she rarely uses. The one pictured here isn’t hers, but it’s basically the same except for the paint, which is black with a fading clear coat. (I couldn’t include a picture of the actual car because my phone is being crappy) This is a car that I didn’t expect to like nearly as much as I do now. The styling is a little bland in my opinion, but it’s quite a lively and spirited car to drive. The fact that this car is my first experience driving a manual definitely helps. I have nicknamed it “Pineapple”, because of the pineapple license plate frame my sister bought for it. It’s far from perfect, with fading paint, air conditioning that barely works, occasional un-Honda-like fussiness due to being abused by a previous owner, and a weird wavy effect in one window from an improperly applied window protector, but it’s got character. It’s grown on me. Maybe I’ll see if I can buy it from my sister someday.


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