I am at work and feel like crap with a headache, sore throat and cold I’ve been battling since last weekend. Found out this morning when I went to leave for work that the left strut on my Accent’s rear hatch burst, so the hatch will barely stay up.....will have to order a pair of those, maybe from RockAuto...anybody have any other recommendations for a cheap place to purchase gas strut stays?

...Also found out that one of my desktop computer’s CPU heatsink 120mm fans died....as in won’t-even-spin dead. Luckily, it’s a dual-fan heatsink with another 120mm case fan right behind it, so the machine is still running at 30C at idle and low-resource use, so it should be fine until my freshly ordered replacement arrives in a week or so.

On the plus side, the replacement drivers’ side headlight for my Accent arrived to replace the cracked and slightly leaking unit that’s been on it since I bought the car in 2013. Will have to give the passenger side light a buffing with a restoration kit to get some of the UV damage off....finding a warm day with decent weather will be the hard part! Anybody have any recommendations?