Happy Halloween so enjoy some metal with a dose of Type O Negative for Halloween's sake.

Bathory - Crosstitution

Deicide - Homage For Satan

Type O Negative - Black No. 1

I mean who couldn't use some Bathory and Deicide to wake up to. I may just end up being in a good enough mood to get through this test and then start studying for my calculus test that is tomorrow. Why do they have to ruin my fun? And they are closing the library at 11:45 tomorrow evening for the safety of the students and staff. . .

I can't resist throwing some Carpathian Forrest in. . . And I know this isn't anywhere near their best work but it kinda fits the miasma of today. . .

Carpathian Forest - Submit to Satan

I'm getting it all out in one go rather than multiple threads through out the day.... Last one. . Just because I'm Kooler Than Jesus. . .

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Kooler Than Jesus

Edit: I put the track titles below the embeded videos. I got sloppy sorry.