Good morning.

Observation #1: New Kinja is still wierd.

Observation #2: Oppo seems to be really thirsty with these $kaybait posts. Searched $kay and a lot of those posts came up. Maybe that's just my view.

Observation #3: This song is genius. Especially the Fisker joke. Great commentary on the average upperclass American teen/20something.

What is life.

Also. I slept for like 2 hours. Again. Kill me. I've got to finish my reading questions on Harriet Martineau's Society in America and a couple related works, which I'm all pretty sure are more than a 100 years old. A lot of still-relevant political ideas and it is interesting reading first-hand accounts of a woman observing the abolition movement.


Observation #4: My back no longer hurts. Yea! I don't know if the insane amount of exercise, prayer, and chiropractic work undid the bulging of my L4 disk and the resulting nerve pain, or I've become Spiderman. Because I woke up with zero back pain and covered in spider-bites. (Some say that's the sign of a hard winter.) Also my entire back popped in the gym. That was weird.

I really hope this Volvo wagon thing goes through.

I am simply not ready for school today.

Observation #5: 8 year olds are crazy. I'm tired of being woken up by what sounds like car alarms, screaming, and my dog barking.


Please send me music. I'm particular hoping for underground hiphop (like Aesop Rock) or Vietnam-era music that I've never listened to before. I love CCR.

Never forget the victims and heroes of 9/11.